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Therapy to embrace wellbeing as a way of life.

Oftentimes, we hide a part of ourselves out of fear and judgement or pain.  Therapy is a place to bring your whole self- whatever that may look like for you.  My work is grounded in cultivating a safe and accepting space for you to share your desires, fears, passions, worries, and more.  Healing begins when we shift our mindsets towards having more self-compassion and giving ourselves space to be imperfect (which we all are!).  I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to therapy, but rather a collaborative one.  I believe that each person has the capacity to create lasting positive change.  My hope is that we can begin the therapeutic journey together by focusing on what is most salient for you.

Nurturing Environment

My approach to therapy emphasizes helping clients make powerful, life-enhancing choices.  In a safe and nurturing environment, we’ll explore patterns of avoidance, anxiety and general areas of struggle with the end goal of helping you achieve greater personal fulfillment and a lasting sense of well-being. 


Free Initial Consultation

I offer a free 20-minute video consultation to ensure we are a good therapist and client fit.


Personal Growth

I believe therapy is most effective when it honors your unique process.  While therapy can be both challenging and exciting, we will work at a pace that you feel comfortable with and that works well for what you are hoping to achieve. 


I’m Kerry

On The Path Counseling

In times of distress, it helps to have a neutral listener as you navigate new understandings and choices.  Therapy can be a great place to receive nonjudgmental support as you engage with new ways to use your strengths to develop healthy patterns.

Support for Change

Understand Your Mental and Emotional Patterns

Beginning the process of therapy can be both exciting and difficult. Your willingness to continue going forward is a gift you give yourself. As your therapist, I will offer insights and help you uncover unhelpful patterns. Together, we can discover your way forward to build a life that allows you to experience meaningful connections as you show up as your most authentic self.
Emotional distress is often rooted in relationship patterns, past and present, which can lead to developing self-destructive patterns of coping. Over time, this can lead to feeling disconnected from ourselves and others.

The goal of counseling is to understand our mental and emotional patterns, belief systems, and life circumstances that create difficulties and pain and use that understanding to make conscious decisions to build the life you want. I provide a space where we can explore, reflect upon, and making meaning of your experiences, feelings, and thoughts.

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